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How to Start Your Career as a Potential Locum Tenens Certified Nursing Assistant?

Are you a caring and dedicated Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) seeking a rewarding opportunity to make a real difference in people’s lives? Look no further! Intuitive Health Services is now hiring passionate Locum Tenens Certified Nursing Assistants like you to join our dedicated team of healthcare professionals. We want to hear from you if you have an active professional state certification, a caring heart, and a desire to provide excellent patient care!

Locum Tenens Certified Nursing Assistant

Why Intuitive Health Services?

We recognize the significance of your work as a Locum Tenens Certified Nursing Assistant at Intuitive Health Services. You are the foundation of patient care, offering those in need direct assistance. What distinguishes us as the CNAs’ preferred employer? Let us tell you:

  1. Stability and Trust:

Being the top-ranked business on the Department of State Hospitals’ hiring list makes us happy. Thanks to our recently awarded contract with DSH, you will have a stable and reliable work environment for the next two to three years.

  1. Competitive Compensation:

It is essential to acknowledge and appreciate your efforts. Enjoy highly competitive pay and abundant overtime opportunities. Your dedication deserves acknowledgment, and we ensure you are well compensated for your efforts.

  1. Referral Bonus Program:

Your network matters! You can earn bonuses by recommending friends or coworkers to join our workforce. This initiative not only helps us grow our Intuitive Health Services family but also allows you to boost your income, making it a win-win situation significantly.  

To increase your earnings further, kindly inform others about our fulfilling career opportunities. Share your positive experiences, growth, and the supportive atmosphere defining our community.

  1. Comprehensive Benefits:

Your well-being matters to us. We provide several advantages, such as help with application processing and credentialing, professional state certification fee reimbursement, A+ malpractice occurrence insurance, and health benefits. We cover you on a personal and professional level.

  1. Supportive Environment: 

When you join Intuitive, you’re not just an employee but part of a caring and supportive family. Our committed consultants are available to help you around the clock to ensure you have the resources you need to succeed in your position. 

How do you join Intuitive to start your career as a Locum Tenens Certified Nursing Assistant?

It is straightforward to begin your journey with Intuitive Health Services. Ensure you meet the requirements, including an active professional state and BLS certification. Submit your resume, and we will handle the rest. Contact us to take the first step toward a fulfilling career as a certified nursing assistant.

Make a Difference, Earn Top Dollar

Join us now and embark on a fulfilling career that allows you to positively impact the healthcare industry while earning top dollar for your valuable skills. Join Intuitive Health Services, where your dedication is valued and your abilities are recognized. This is the first step towards a rewarding career as a CNA.


In conclusion, stepping into the role of locum tenens certified nursing assistant with Intuitive Health Services offers not just a job but a career filled with opportunities to grow, positively impact lives, and enjoy a steady, rewarding work environment. Our emphasis on competitive compensation, stability, comprehensive benefits, and a supportive atmosphere highlights our commitment to the well-being and satisfaction of our CNAs. 

 At Intuitive Health Services, you’re not just joining a team but becoming part of a family that values your hard work and dedication. We are eager to welcome passionate and skilled CNAs like you to our community, where your contributions will be celebrated and your professional journey will thrive.

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